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Cotton Bandage


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  • Model: HS-365
  • Unit: ROLLS
  • Min order: 10000

Cotton Bandage
Material: Cotton
Our cotton bandage is a stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure. Elastic bandages are commonly used to treat muscle sprains and strains by reducing the flow of blood through the application of even pressure, which helps reduce swelling at the place of injury. Elastic bandage are also used to treat bone fractures. Padding is applied to the fractured limb, and then a splint is applied. The elastic bandage is used to hold the splint in place and protect it.
1. Good air permeability
2. Comfortable on the skin
3. Hypo-allergenic
4. Can be re-used after sterilizing
5. With our special technology, the cotton elastic bandage can be stretched from 1 meter to 3 meters