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Gauze series


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  • Model: HS-366
  • Unit: ROLLS
  • Min order: 10000

Gauze series

Bleached cotton gauze, 40S, Warp 26 x Weft 18

Gauze bandage is the most common type of bandage used to prevent adhesion to wounds while allowing air to penetrate and promote healing. A gauze bandage can be used for almost any bandage application, including holding a dressing in place.
Gauze bandages are very versatile and can cover a wound on virtually any part of the body. They work well on burns, head injuries, and large lacerations that need more than a simple adhesive bandage. At home, a gauze bandage can cover scrapes on the knees or elbows, or cuts on fingers and hands. In the hospital, doctors use gauze bandages to cover surgical sites.
The bandage can be wrapped and tied tightly when compression is needed to control bleeding.

1, Good air permeability
2, Light  weight
3, Non-toxic
4, Easy to remove